D. Cay Press Release

Daulton Dickey
Lost in the Funhouse

Performance Artist D. Cay To Fool Fox News


Somewhere in America, USA — Today, performance artist D. Cay has announced his intention to appear on a major Fox News affiliate as either a supporter of or expert on the current administration.

“My goal is to present clear nonsense as fact in a compelling and believable manner,” D. Cay said. “Consistent with President Trump and his circle, my presentation will appear as authentically absurd as the propaganda they now disseminate on Fox News.

“Since the president insists that all news is ‘fake news’ except Fox News, let’s see if he can distinguish between genuine support and the nonsense, albeit believable, I’m capable of spewing.”

D. Cay, an anonymous street performer, stated that either Fox News or a major affiliate—he won’t specify which—has already, and unwittingly, booked him. “Everything’s set,” he said. “From my persona to credentials. Everyone will, on the surface, accept me as legitimate.”

He cautions skepticism. “Don’t take anything you hear on Fox from a purported ‘expert’ seriously from now until some time around the New Year—and after that, come to think of it.”

Although he remains anonymous, D. Cay has published his manifesto for the emerging artist on little-known website, Lost in the Funhouse, which you can read here.

As stated above, D. Cay will appear on Fox News sometime in the near future. Keep your eyes open and see if you can spot him and distinguish his fake news from Fox’s biased reporting.

For all inquiries, contact Daulton Dickey at lostitfunhouse@gmail.com

About the Artist:


An Approximation of D. Cay’s Silhouette

D. Cay is a performance artist who prefers to work in anonymity. You can find him traveling the country, performing various “psychodramas” or “reality-bending performances” on unsuspecting passersby, usually in public during broad daylight. His goal is to “force people to question their presuppositions governing their understanding of reality.”