About Us

We love literature and art—all kinds, from mindless corporate crap to intimate arts, from self- and indie-published books to paintings, sculptures, and beyond. While we feature well known and corporate books and art, our goal is also to create a home for artists who normally don’t have a venue—or can’t find one willing to embrace them. We’re willing to embrace you.

What started as the personal blog of Daulton Dickey has evolved into a hybrid of blogimg_3570 and a site dedicated to the works of Daulton Dickey and people like him—those on the fringes, ignored, struggling to find an audience.

Publishing Schedule:

New articles and features, reviews and interviews will appear Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and occasionally Sunday.

Life throws loops my way and I’m not always psychologically equipped to handle the stress and ennui—or the overload: I’m running this site, and writing almost everything, myself.

Thank you for understanding. And thanks for reading.

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